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The Istanbul International Arts Association is a group consisting of both Turkish and foreign artists living and working in Istanbul. We provide a context for artists, whether professional, amateur or enthusiast, to work on arts projects in the city and exhibit together. We support and encourage a wide range of artistic expressions including watercolour painting, oil painting, photography, traditional Islamic calligraphy and urban mural painting.



Working together internationally
As an international association we have connections with artists and creatives across the world. We work to encourage an appreciation of diversity and cross-cultural understanding. As an international hub, Istanbul is richly represented by many different cultures and ways of life. Our association is a context whereby this variety can be seen and experienced in its many artistic expressions.

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Working together in the community
We aim to have regular exhibitions in our arts centre for members and also work together to support arts in the community. In the past members have worked with local and international schools doing community arts projects and also with a refugee centre in the city. We want to see the artistic community serve the wider society and for the community to engage in and be enriched by the arts.

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Inspirational Creativity Support

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We are based in the historical neighbourhood of Balat, Fatih. If you are interested in joining, working , or exhibiting with us please email us on

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